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This Silicone Soap Dish is 4" long x 3" wide and just 1/2" tall and it only comes in white!

So, you may be wondering WHY we like this soap dish so much?  Let me share thee reasons why...


  • Experience superior air circulation, preventing soap adhesion.
  • Crafted from exquisite silicone, elegantly resting on your sink's edge.
  • Revel in a sophisticated drainage design, eliminating soap waste.
  • A symbol of opulence, this silicone dish is a fraction of the cost of ceramic alternatives.
  • Luxuriously flexible yet robust, embracing the finest silicone material.
  • Effortless cleaning, as your soap gracefully drains into the sumptuous base.
  • A pristine white hue, elevating the aesthetics of any countertop.


It's approx. 4" long x 3" wide and just 1/2" tall and it only comes in white!




While the creation of our products & artisan facilities have oversite by the FDA and meets their strict regulations, our product descriptions are created by The Expedition Soap Company for your entertainment and the specific skin benefits provided in the product descriptions are gathered from a simple Google search and then is shared with you for informational purposes. Although the information stated is accurate to the best of our knowledge, we make no real claims that using our products will guarantee any of these results as stated in our product description section. We make no direct or implied statements that our products are intended to cure or prevent skin diseases. This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  

Luxurious Soap Dish

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