It's Expedition Soaps Memorial Day 

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Our Soap kills bacteria-causing body odor!

We're On An Expedition To Provide America With Pure All-Natural Skincare!

Our soap removes makeup, dirt, and grime!

Our soap has a rich creamy, dreamy lather!

Our soap has amazing true scents!

Our soap makes you feel clean & fresh!

Our soap helps you feel confident & attractive!

Our soap bars will last 2-4 weeks!

Our soap is free of harsh & dangerous chemicals!

Our soap comes in a variety of scents!

Our soap is all-natural skincare!

Our soaps come in a variety for all skin types!

Our Soap is not "one-soap-for-all skin-types" soap, like commercial soaps are!

Come Feel What's REAL!

Get over $22 in Free Bonuses today when you buy 3 bars of soap!

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This is a special promotion from Expedition Soaps.

Expedition Soaps stops the stink by killing body odor causing bacteria, while gently cleansing your skin without harsh chemicals.  This soap will moisturize & soften your skin all naturally!  Their soaps are great for removing makeup, dirt, and grime when you scrub with its rich creamy lather - which happens to be great for shaving too!  Their soap leaves you feeling clean & smelling amazing, which helps make you feel confident and attractive!  These soap bars will last longer than 2 weeks because they're free from fake fillers and harsh chemicals!  In fact, they're filled with skin-loving organic Shea Butter and plant derived oils!  
Become obsessed with our soap!

  • Benefit #1: Our soaps are free from harsh chemicals, so your skin is treated right!
  •  Benefit #2: Our products are handmade with plant-based ingredients, including Shea Butter, coconut oil, & olive oil that are so, so good for your skin!
  •  Benefit #3: We then add skin beneficial ingredients like oatmeal, activated charcoal, mint, clay, sea salt, tea tree, and more to make our soaps even better!
  •  Benefit #4: When you want more, we have a variety of over 60 soap scents to choose from at our website!  Our skin-safe soaps are for men, women & children.  And what better time?  When you buy today, you become a Club Member for 6-months!
  • Benefit #5: This is an offer of a lifetime!  Don't miss out!  Limited quantities!

 Check Out Our Customer Reviews!


 Who Is That Handsome Guy?

Hi there!  It's me, Spencer Kelly!  I'm a 20-year-old entrepreneur that started Expedition Soaps back six years ago, when I was just out of 9th grade and my bike was stolen!  I had to get a job to repay my dad for a new bike, but instead, I started a soap company!  It's a great story, but too long for here, so check it out at my main website, & check out this video below!

When Can I Expect My Order To Arrive?

All orders will ship the day after Memorial Day 2022!  Depending on your distance from Lake Orion, Michigan, will determine how long it will take for your package to arrive.  We ship USPS Priority or Ground Mail.  If we get slammed with orders, which we expect to, please allow up to one week for shipping.  You will receive tracking information via email once your order ships.

Why Are You Giving Such A Great Deal?

It's Memorial Day Weekend and we want to celebrate the remembrance of those who have died in service to our country.  We love our country!  And, we know that when our customers try our products for the 1st time, they typically fall in love.  This is because our products are of such high quality - you can quite literally FEEL the difference on your skin.  We are proud to boast our REAL skincare products, because so many out there aren't actually real... and even so when it comes to other brands of natural products, our customers tell us that none compare to the feel, quality, and the difference ours make on their skin.  One customer just described our soaps as, "life-changing"!  So, we created this crazy good offer just for you, so you can get in on this deal and try our products.  It's an amazing offer, but it's only here for a limited time!  So, stop reading & come on an expedition with us!

Can I Purchase Multiples Of This Offer?

You can purchase this offer multiple times, however, you WILL NOT be able to extend your FREE 3 month membership by making multiple purchases.  Only ONE 3-month membership per person will be granted for this offer.  If you need to ship to multiple addresses, make multiple orders.  If you're shipping to multiple people, they each will be awarded the 3-month membership, however you will have to indicate their email address on the order OR contact us after the order has been we have the data correct.  

The 3 month membership welcome letter will be along inside the box with the order.

Again, only 3 months length of membership allowed to anyone - for free - with this promo - period.  If you already are a current Club member and purchase this offer, we will extend your current membership with the Expedition Club Basic membership, by adding 3 months to your current expiry date.

If you need any clarifications on this offer, please message us at

Don't Miss Out!  We expect to sell out fast!

Why a Flat Rate For Shipping/Handling/Sales Tax?

We charge a flat rate because if you're close to us (in Michigan), the shipping cost is a little less, however sales tax is added to your order.  If you live further than Michigan, your shipping cost is more expensive, however you will not be charged sales tax.  Adding one flat rate ends up as a wash in the end and it helps facilitate the ordering process so you get your products faster.   That being said, at just a $9.97 dollar flat rate fee, covering your shipping &/or sales tax, you're getting additional savings ON TOP of this ridiculously awesome offer!

 Got Questions?  Contact us at 
or call 845-397-7627

This offer is not valid with any other discounts or coupon codes. Gift Certificates cannot be used on this offer. If any assistance is needed, please feel free to reach out to us at We're happy to assist you in every way possible! 

What is Your All-Natural Soap Made of?

Each bar of our creamy lathering soap is handmade with a mixture of skin-loving oils that moisturize & gently cleanse, removing even the strongest of body odor.  Our soap base has coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, soybean oil & organic Shea Butter.  Next, some soaps have added extra skin delights, such as mint leaves, sea salt, rose petals, ground oatmeal or others. Then, we may add a touch of color and/or scent, depending on the soap bar... and that's it!  No nasty chemicals found here!  If you'd like to see 12 reasons why our soap is a better choice for your skin, watch this short video!

 What is the size & shape of your soap bar?

Our soap bars weigh approx. 5 oz - never less than 4.7 oz and sometimes up to 6 oz.  Our batches are handmade, so the bar weights can slightly vary, as stated.  The shape of our soap bars are 3"x3"x1" squares, approximately.  They come shrink wrapped with the label on top.  This packaging is best for soap longevity & storage of your soap bars. 

 What does your soap dish look like?

Here you go! Silicone, flexible, easy to clean, it's great for bar soap!

What is a Lather Loofah & How Do I Use It?

The Lather Loofah is just what you need for your new handmade soap! Made from a soft mesh material, this Lather Loofah is terrific for stimulating circulation as well as exfoliating your skin. 
Simply drop your soap in, press and pull the cords, and you are good to go! Relaxed measuring roughly 6 1/2"L x 2 1/4"W x 1 1/4" H, it gently stretches over your soap bar - no problem! You simply hang it in your shower to dry with the soap still inside. It works with every single one of our handmade soaps!  
Learn More About The Lather Loofah By CLICKING BELOW!

What Is Body Butter?

Our Body Butter is essentially a slightly thicker version of lotion, made with awesome skin-loving plant-based oils that are whipped together to quench the thirst of your dry skin. They are handmade with Organic Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, High Oleic Sunflower Oil & Jojoba Oil. Our handmade body butter is whipped to perfection, leaving every ounce semi-thick, creamy and easy to spread. Once you use it, you will notice how soft your skin becomes and how moisturized it feels - without that greasiness!  It is the most perfect balanced Body Butter you ever find! These are the reasons why everyone loves our Body Butter more than other brands that they have tried!.


A one-time payment of $30/year You will get an automatic 10% off all online purchases for 6 months when you use your exclusive Expedition Club Member checkout code only at 

Plus, you'll get a surprise bonus gift included in each order that you place for over $30 during your membership period. (That's $30 spent on products before tax and shipping are added!)!
 Your surprise bonus gift will have a value between $15-$20 with each order* guaranteed.

[* note: surprise bonus gift will only be included in one (1) order per every 2 weeks - example: you cannot break up your $200 order into 4 orders, to get 4x the free gifts. Once the free gifts are rewarded, then a full 14 days must pass before you're eligible for another surprise bonus gift, although you still can get the 10% off anytime!]

And, as always when your paid order is $59+, it will ship for free! 

 This is a deal you won't find anywhere else!
Note: This Club Membership is valid at for online orders only & its benefits are excluded from these extra special promotions.


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